What my clients have to say...

My goal is to help you deeply understand yourself, unravel your boundless potential, and embrace a fulfilling life beyond the heavy emotions that are weighing you down..

Having worked with esteemed healthcare organizations, business leaders, and bilingual communities in the US and Mexico, I have a broad scope of experience. As a person of color, I possess deep empathy for marginalized individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, and sexual identities. I specialize in psychotherapy, expat therapy, sex therapy, and the realms of gender and sexual identity. I'm honored to work with and support the LGTBQIA2S+ community in Puerto Vallarta.

I am passionate about my work and find immense fulfillment in guiding individuals, couples, and expats through complex situations, helping them find healthier paths. Here’s what some of my clients have to say.

Alexa is a talented therapist with great skills. I recommend her to all who seek compassion or help.

Jan Ruckert Edd, Founding member, Pacific Gestalt Institute (PGI), Los Angeles, CA

Over the past thirty-five years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest and most respected physicians, counselors, and administrators in the field of mental health and human services. In my professional opinion, Alexa Thurman is one of the best therapists I know.

Raul Estrada, President, El centro de ayuda health and family services, (ECDA)

Alexa listens with her heart and has a unique ability to connect with great empathy. Understanding the dynamics of it. I highly recommend it

George Caballero, Phd, LCSW, L.A County mental health commissioner

I’ve found that therapy is not always easy. Alexa made my journey insightful and empowering. She has an intuitive gift and I thank her for helping me to heal.

Amy Ryan, BEVERLY HILLS, California

When I met Alexa I was going through a terrible time – my brother had recently passed away and I was not leading a healthy life. Alexa understood my emotional grief, distress and anxiety. Thank you for all your help.

David Einsenstadt, CEO TRAVEL CARE MEXICO​

Alexa helped me overcome my fears, pains and unhealthy patterns. I no longer feel like a prisoner. Through her helping me to understand and accept myself, I am now able to pursue my dreams with an open heart.

John Seto, LOS ANGELES, California​

Alexa saved our marriage. We have been to over 10 therapists thru the years and she is unequivocal to any other. Her listening, her showing us on a white board you can write on and understanding where each of us is coming from she saved our marriage. Thank you!

Lyann and Ken, Puerto Vallarta

Alexa Thurman is wonderful! Besides being totally bilingual, she is incredibly perceptive. She really understood the complexity of our relationship and how the pain has gotten both of us stuck in anger and resentment. We truly felt cared for. I totally recommend her to anyone who needs her services. Thanks so much.

Jeff Li and Mark Davis, Puerto Vallarta